Codename: Winger Series


Audio Assault, the third book, is just out and finds Theo not getting the summer vacation that he’d planned. There’s also a special free Christmas story, A Very Winger Christmas, which features some holiday fun and Theo working on a unique global crisis. Theo’s adventures are now available in audio as well with the release of Tracker Hacker in audiobook format (grab it from Audible today).


High school student. Hockey player. Computer whiz kid. Boyfriend. Covert agent. Theo Reese’s life is split between being a normal teenager and Tactical Operational Support agent Winger. After years of being safe behind his keyboard, he’s thrust into the field and must protect his family, friends and the world.


Tracker Hacker
Ages: 14 and up

A Very Winger Christmas
Free short story (ebook/audiobook)
Ages: 14 and up

Ages: 14 and up

Audio Assault
Ages 14 and up

Coming Spring 2019
Ages: 14 and up


Reviews for Tracker Hacker

“This book takes several wicked turns and does things that surprised me. Jeff Adams takes a tale that’s been told before, but gives it a spin I haven’t seen yet. It’s fast-paced, well told, and may have you biting your nails just a little bit.” – Will, 9 out of 10 at

“If a computer wiz married James Bond you would get Theo Reese.” – Ariel, 4-stars at Gay Book Reviews

“This was truly an incredible read. It is suspenseful. It is action packed. It is full of danger and mystery. It also has Love included in the read with a lot of wondering what is going to happen next and just who is good or who is bad.” –  Tosha, 5-stars at Gay Book Reviews

“I really liked the story and can’t wait to see what Winger does next!” – Avid Reader, 4.5-stars at Wicked Reads YA Edition

Reviews for Schooled

“All in all, this is a grand slam book, one I highly recommend.” – Taz, 5 stars and a “A TNA Page Turner” at The Novel Approach

“…if you’re looking for a read that is suspenseful, entertaining, and very up-to-date technologically speaking, then you will probably enjoy this novel.” — Serena Yates, 4 stars at Rainbow Book Reviews

“Schooled was a fast paced story that I read in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the writing style and loved Theo and how he grew throughout the book.” — Louisa, 4 stars at Love Bytes

“The mystery in this story is tied in nicely with Theo’s school life. … His abilities are a unique asset to himself and the school – when put to the test, it was awesome to see it all come together.” — Avid Reader, 4.5-stars at Wicked Reads YA Edition