Netminder (Codename: Winger 4) by Jeff Adams

After a summer that was nothing like he’d planned, teenage secret agent Theo Reese is back to school and to work with Tactical Operational Support’s IT department. His world turns upside down arriving home from hockey practice to a major security breach.

On the run, he soon discovers the TOS network is down and he’s cut off.

As he uses his unique skills to find out what’s happened, Theo discovers the evil agency Blackbird is responsible. A nemesis from Theo’s first field mission is out for him and will stop at nothing to force Theo to help Blackbird realize their goal of taking global control of the internet.

Getting help from some unexpected sources, Theo must stop the internet takeover while trying to keep those closest to him safe.


Type: Novel / 60,788 words
Format: Ebook / Paperback
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press 
This title is currently not available for purchase.

“This has been a fascinating series. Theo has taken a special spot in my heart.” – 5 star review, Ana, Gay Book Reviews

“Edge of your seat, non stop danger and a great plot are all ingredients that make this story awesome.” – 5 star review, Shorty, MM Good Book Reviews

“…this story is as breathtaking, cleverly constructed, and suspenseful as I have come to expect in this series.” and “It’s a perfect finale for this exciting series, though I am sad to see it end!” – 5 star review, Serena, Rainbow Book Review