The One Month Anniversary Episode! – Big Gay Author Podcast episode 9

Congratulations to us!

The show celebrates its one month anniversary and I kick things off by talking about the Three Day Novel Contest and September’s Story A Day Challenge.

We also talk about  talk about our decision to leave Dreamspinner Press and the opportunities it offers to reset Jeff’s author career, which will be documented in future episodes. Jeff also discusses his September plans, which includes attending Rachael Herron’s 90 Days to Done class.

I review two helpful books: Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque and 15-Minute Dictation by Sean M. Platt and Neeve Silver.

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Interview with the Authors of ‘In Case You Forgot’ – BGFP episode 203

Jeff and I both chat about some narrative fiction podcasts we’ve listened to lately. I review the podcast The Two Princes, which was absolutely wonderful and the kind of story I wish Disney would tackle. Jeff reviewed the Gay Future Podcast, another audio fiction show, and Pocketful of Stardust by J.P. Barnaby and Rowan Speedwell.

Frederick Smith and Chaz Lamar join Jeff to talk about their debut novel, In Case You Forgot. Frederick and Chaz share how they worked together on this first collaboration, the inspirations for Kenny and Zaire, favorite scenes in the book. They also share what they’re working on next.

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Brokeback and Story Beats with Anne Hawley – Big Gay Author Podcast episode 8

This week Jeff and I welcome author and Story Grid certified editor Anne Hawley to the show. Anne has been working with Story Grid creator Shawn Coyne on the very first Masterwork Experiment where her task has been to analyze Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx at the beat level and then use those beats to create a new, fresh story. In the discussion, Anne explains what the Story Grid method is, what it’s been like to work on the Masterwork Experiment and how her writing style has changed as a result.

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Late Summer Reading and Book Recommendations – BGFP episode 202

Jeff and I begin this week’s show with a recap of our recent trip to Orlando for the Podcast Movement conference, which was both fun and informative. We also discuss recent announcements about the new Love, Simon series on Disney+ as well as the potential Hollywood deal that Lucy Lennox and Sloane Kennedy revealed this week. (Sooo exciting!)

The guys talk summer TV with BH90210 and Grand Hotel. I review Silvia Violet’s second chance romance Anticipating Rejection, while Jeff reviews King Slayer by Layla Reyne.

Lisa from The Novel Approach recommends some speculative fiction and romantic suspense, including Spellbound by Allie Therin, The Marked Prince by M.A. Grant and Triangulation by Gregory Ashe. She also mentions Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman, which she had recently begun.

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Podcast Movement Wrap-Up – Big Gay Author Podcast episode 7

Jeff and I spent the past week at Podcast Movement, and came away with a number of things authors can learn from podcasters. We begin with a chat Jeff had with Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn Podcast. He gets her thoughts on the conference and her top three takeaways for authors. We talk about other things we heard and experienced during the conference that writers can relate to their business, including tips from Pat Flynn, Patrice Williams and Bryan Orr.

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