7 Tips for Author Success – Big Gay Author Podcast episode 15

After a brief rundown of our week, Jeff and l discuss Austin Price’s presentation on the ‘Habits of Effective Artists’. Some of the tips include daily work, volume not perfection, conscious learning, getting feedback and creating what you love. I wrap things up with a quote from an essay by James Victore about claiming your freedom.

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Quick Review: The Harvest Moon by Joshua Ian

The Harvest Moon by Joshua Ian

The Harvest Moon by Joshua Ian is a historical romance with an intriguing touch of magic. The beginning of this novella opens with our hero Malcolm, who has stopped to rest in a small village. That night, outside the tavern, he meets a handsome and intruging young man, a weaver named Daniel. They make polite small talk, the conversation eventually going deeper.

Malcolm is drawn to him, convinced that his new acquittance shares his same “interests”.  Daniel invites him to his cottage in the forest. It might be 1834, but Malcolm recognizes a booty-call when the opportunity presents itself.

They make their way through the woods which are alive with a special kind of magic, the bright harvest moon showing the way. At the cottage, Daniel is a perfect host, they chat, share a drink… and a bed.

Malcolm has never experienced anything like what he feels when he’s with Daniel. He wakes in the middle of the night, but the bed is empty. There’s a menacing knife on the table, and Daniel is on the floor in front of the fire, seemingly in pain. He tells Malcolm to leave before his grandfather returns home.

Daniel seems angry, but remorseful, in need of care, but coldly antagonistic. Malcolm wants to help, but eventually agrees to leave.

The next morning, at the inn, Malcolm hears several locals talking of the elderly weaver in the woods. He mentions that he knows Daniel but is warned away with long told tales of evil and witchcraft.

Malcolm is worried and decides, before continuing on his journey, to go see Daniel and offer any help he can. When he arrives at the cottage, he finds the old man, who tells him that Daniel isn’t there and won’t ever be coming back. Malcolm pressed him further and realizes that the old man is Daniel.

He tells Malcolm the sad tale of how he, long ago, met and fell in love with a man named Thomas, a weaver and practitioner of magic. They were inseparable until villagers, whipped into a witch-hunting frenzy, killed Thomas – cursing Daniel to a life of endlessly searching for his long-ago love.

The night before, Malcolm was to be sacrificed to the harvest moon for another year of Daniel’s life. But, sharing the same strong feelings as Malcolm, Daniel couldn’t go through with it. Malcolm kisses Daniel, their love finally freeing him from the curse.

Malcolm takes Daniel back home to his ancestral estate where they can love and live happily ever after.

I really enjoyed this story from a new to me author. While the narrative is firmly rooted in the historical aspects of the story, the magical elements give it an intriguing fairy tale vibe – not in a cutesy Disney way, more of a sinister and sexy Grimms fairy tale way.

Something else that I found interesting was the use of language, which is very rich and evocative, but not dense and confusing like the literature of the time in which the story is set. The dialog especially has a certain ring of authenticity. It comes across as period appropriate without being burdened with “thee’s” and “thou arts”.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, but still very romantic and satisfying from a genre perspective, I’d definitely say give Joshua Ian’s The Harvest Moon a try.


TV and Podcast Recommendations Plus M/M Hockey Romance – BGFP episode 209

There’s a terrific new podcast on the block! Jeff and I welcome GayRomance.Show: The MM Author Podcast to the gay romance podcast neighborhood and recommend everyone check it out. We also discuss the merits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Skatetown U.S.A.

We review the new Netflix series The Politician (it’s poignant, over-the-top and totally worth watching) and I kick off a month of Halloween inspired paranormal reviews with The Vampire’s Club Book 1 by X. Aratare.

Jeff talks to Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn about Goalie Interference. They discuss the real-life players and situations that inspired the books in the Hat Trick series and why the diverse characters in Goalie Interference are important to them. We also find out how they become hockey fans, what’s up next in the Hat Trick series and how their writing partnership works.

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Working Thru Insecurities – Big Gay Author Podcast episode 14

Jeff and I kick things off this week by talking about the PAGE (Pride Author Group Education) event, which we will be speaking at in 2020.

Jeff shares his experience on the hot seat and talking about the book he’s working on with his 90 Days to Done classmates. He also discusses issues he’s having lately with imposter syndrome and comparisonitis. We also talk about some retirement planning we’re working on, geared toward helping the move into full-time author careers.

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Rock Stars, Hockey Players, and Superpowered Heroes – BGFP episode 208

Pour the champagne! We start this week’s show by celebrating the big surprise we received when the podcast made O: The Oprah Magazine’s list of “21 Best Book Podcasts.”

Jeff and I also wish everyone a happy International Podcast Day, welcome back The Queer Creative as they start season 2, and wish a happy Pride week to everyone celebrating with Druid City Pride in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (we were one of the sponsors!).

Jeff reviews Goalie Interference by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn and Face the Music by K.M. Nuehold. Then I join Jeff to discuss and review King Me by Lucy Lennox.

Coastal Magic Convention Featured Author interviews kick off with Katey Hawthrone. Katey talks about her Superpowered Love and Witchy Boys series, her love of comic books and sci-fi and how she got started writing. She also discusses what she’s looking forward to at her first Coastal Magic.

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