Love’s Opening Night by Jeff Adams

Can an onstage love story lead to a real-life romance?

Jeremy Steele is a veteran Broadway performer. For his latest role, he’s dancing alongside a man he’s fantasized about for years, TV star Ty Beaumont. Jeremy knows better than to get involved with a castmate, but when Ty has trouble learning the complicated choreography, Jeremy offers to lend a hand. When a rehearsal kiss turns into something more, Jeremy can’t help but wonder what a celebrity like Ty could ever see in a Broadway chorus boy like him.

Will a relationship with his crush make it past previews, or can it become a long-running hit?


Type: Novella / 16,382 words
Format: Ebook 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
This title is currently not available for purchase.

“Loved it, highly recommend it and I really hope to see more stories along this same path from Adams.” — Tams, TTC Books & More

“Jeremy and Ty have sizzle…” — CrabbyPatty, Gay Book Reviews

“A heart-warming feel-good romance made for musical enthusiasts.” — Martin, Goodreads

The pianist played the opening chords of the song and we were off. Unlike yesterday’s rehearsal, I couldn’t pay attention too much to what Ty was doing. I caught some glimpses, and it looked good. As we hit the last thirty seconds, I went into what would’ve been the wings, had we been on a real stage. Nate, Marco, and I hit our places for our leaps. Nate went, followed by Marco, and then me.

“Argrgh!” No. No. No. My right foot slipped as I landed. I crashed hard to the floor and my right knee went into my stomach, pushing the air out of me.


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