Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa by Jeff Adams

Ethan is a grad student stuck in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for the summer. Though he’s thrilled about his teaching assistant position at the university, he’s not at all excited about the record-breaking heat wave that’s plaguing the area.

In the midst of an oppressively hot summer night, Ethan meets fellow grad student Marcus. While their initial encounters are scorching, can two busy students have more than a heated seasonal fling? Or could it be the beginning of something that will last beyond the stormy southern nights?

Type: Short Story / 17,694 words
Format: Ebook 
Publisher: JMS Books
This title is currently not available for purchase.

“As a heart-warming love story, Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa hits the spot.” — Taz, The Novel Approach

“I totally recommend you pick it up when you need a little extra spice in you reading diet. — Carissa, Love Bytes

I think I have said it before, but I am rarely, if ever, disappointed by a Jeff Adams story. Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa is no exception. — Brandilyn, Prism Book Alliance

It wasn’t supposed to be a million degrees at one in the morning. Okay, it was eighty-seven, but it felt like a million.

When I walked into my apartment, I made the usual beeline to the air conditioner, turned it on and stood under one of the vents. The little bit of cool air was pathetic. The longer the heat wave went on, the harder it was to cool down. I’d noticed a breeze on the way in, so I wondered if it might be more comfortable outside.

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