Bicycle Built for Two by Jeff Adams

While on a three-day charity bike ride from Boston to New York City, Jason Karn makes an unexpected stop to help a fellow rider having trouble with a flat tire. Ben Stewart is new to long-distance rides, and Jason takes him under his wing. The mutual attraction is obvious even before they make it to New York City, but there’s a minor roadblock: Ben lives in Chicago. Flying back and forth seems like the only option until Jason comes up with an idea that will bring them together permanently—if they can work out the details.

All of Jeff Adams’ royalties from this story are donated to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City to support their HIV/AIDS Services.


Type: Novella
Format: Ebook 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

“It is a light, quick, summertime read, a little sweet and a lot fluffy, with likeable characters, both our couple and their friends.” – Four star review from Lucy on Goodreads

“This book is so filled with love and unforgettable characters that I’m amazed he could touch me emotionally like this in so few pages.” – Five star review from Michael on Goodreads

“What a wonderful story! The premise was new and refreshing, and I always appreciate a book that teaches me something. … Definitely recommended!” – Three star review from Natālija at Goodreads

“On your left,” Jason called out as his legs kicked into overdrive.

He stood up from the seat and pedaled strongly, refusing to lose any speed on what seemed like the hundredth hill he’d been on that day. He’d made good time so far, and he was determined to keep up the pace. He passed his teammate, who was also out of the seat pedaling.

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