Adventures of Jake #1 by Jeff Adams

Jake is a pretty typical college student. He studies a lot, works two jobs and would like to find the right guy to share it all with.

Work and love collide when the man he’s had a crush on comes into the comic book store where he works looking for a birthday present. They run into each other again at a birthday party where Jake’s been hired to entertain kids wearing a superhero costume.

Will Jake’s love of comics and superheroes get in the way of winning Michael’s heart? Or is Michael looking for a super man to put some fire into his life?


Type: Short Story / 6,601 words
Format: Ebook 
Publisher: JMS Books
This title is currently not available for purchase.

“Jake is kind of nerdy and shy, Michael a bit awkward ‘I’m not using to geeks being this hot.’ Together, they are both adorable and sexy (geek as top, always a favorite).” – Four star review from Lucy on Goodreads

“Jake reminded me just a wee bit of Michael Novotny of Queer as Folk fame, which made me love him all the more…” – Four star review from Lisa at The Novel Approach

“Light-hearted and lively, you can just picture them together and you can see Jake in your mind’s eye as a super hero.” – Four star review from Elise at

It’d been a while since Jake worked a birthday party that wasn’t in the park. It was a great opportunity because it came with a hefty payday. Not only did it get him a few hundred dollars in his paycheck, it had the potential for a cash tip.

He grabbed his backpack as he got out of his car at the pizza place. He checked in with the hostess who went to get someone from the party. He was stunned when she returned with Michael.

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