Flipping For Him by Jeff Adams – Chapter 3 Excerpt


Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Flipping for Him, which features Kevin meeting Shin. Flipping for Him is now available from All Romance | Amazon | bn.com | Google Play | iBooks | KoboSmashwords.

Chapter 3

Kevin made sure to drop by the place he now referred to as “parkour point” every day on his way home. On warmer days he’d hang out on a rock with a good view and study. Other days he would just walk by without stopping. Every day parkour guy, or P.G. for short, was there. Most days P.G. was alone going through his routine, which was getting longer and more intricate. Sometimes the trio of kids were hanging out, too.

Kevin liked that P.G. always had time for the kids. He wondered what would happen if he went over and sat down with them to watch. Kevin didn’t have the nerve to do that, but he thought about it. He wasn’t sure of himself in this situation. With Javier it’d been different. He had a reason to go up and introduce himself, but with P.G. he had nothing. If he approached him now, he was afraid he’d turn into a babbling mess.

Kevin came back to what Marshall had said before—at some point, he was simply going to become a stalker.

It was an especially warm day when Kevin arrived at parkour point. A dozen or so guys were scattered across the lawn, their shirts open, enjoying the weather. Normally, Kevin took in the display, but his attention was focused elsewhere. Across the way, P.G. was going through his routine, already shirtless and wearing shorts instead of the usual sweatpants.

Now almost every muscle was on display and it was a lot to take in. The guy was beyond hot. Kevin had never seen someone around his age as well defined as P.G., not even the athletes. He’d seen the pecs and abs before. But seeing the legs now, it was as if someone had sculpted Kevin’s perfect guy.

Kevin composed himself and sat down on his rock. He pulled out the chem book hoping that doing homework would reduce his stalker quotient. He also unbuttoned his shirt because he didn’t want to miss out on some sun.

Over the next half hour or so, Kevin did his best to look like he was studying while often looking beyond his book to P.G. The routine seemed to be getting more elaborate, and more effortless, all the time. He enjoyed watching P.G., but didn’t know for certain whether the routine was good or not, or if the moves were being executed as intended. But it didn’t matter. Kevin thought every move was perfect.

After a while, Kevin put his book down and reached into his backpack for some water. When he looked up, P.G. was gone. How did that happen? He was there one minute and then gone the next! Usually it took some time for P.G. to put on his shirt and collect his things, but not this time. Had Kevin been reading so long that he missed it? That didn’t seem possible, yet there was no sign of him.

“Oh well,” he said to no one. There’d be more days to watch, and to watch him in just the shorts since it would only be getting warmer from here on out. Kevin refocused on the chem book. Even though P.G. was gone, there was no reason to take his studying inside.


Kevin jumped as the voice came from just behind him. He turned and found P.G. standing right behind him, close enough to touch. His shirt was on, but he was still in shorts showing off his muscled legs, glistening with sweat. His backpack was slung over one shoulder and the water bottle was in his hand.

Kevin stared a bit too long before he spoke.

“Um. Hi. Hello.”

“I thought I’d come over since I see you here all the time, sometimes watching me.” His voice shifted into something between sexy and flirty. Kevin already loved the sound of his voice. “Sometimes trying not to watch me, but watching anyway.”

P.G. smiled, staring right at Kevin.

“Um. Well. Yeah. You caught me.” Kevin smiled back nervously, a little embarrassed that he’d been discovered.

“I’m Shin.”

Suddenly P.G. had a name. Shin reached out a hand, which Kevin took. Shin’s handshake was firm.

“I’m Kevin.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Shin. “So, you enjoy the show?”

“Yeah,” Kevin said loudly, and perhaps a little too quickly. Fearing he sounded too excited, he toned it down, trying to play it cool. “Um. I mean… sure. It’s cool stuff all the flips, turns and jumps. I’ve seen it on TV, but never up close like this.”

Kevin tried to stay focused on Shin’s eyes, which were a gorgeous dark brown with some lighter highlights, but he wasn’t entirely successful. His eyes kept drifting down as they talked, drinking him in at close range.

“You could come closer you know? You’ve seen me with the kids, I don’t mind the audience.”

“I didn’t want to bother you.”

Kevin knew he was starting to blush as the conversation wore on, turning his pale skin red. He hated it. He knew a blushing redhead was not necessarily his best look.

“You wouldn’t be a bother, unless you stood in the way or something.” Shin chuckled. “Of course, then, I might just flip over you.”

An image of Shin flipping over him formed in Kevin’s mind. That was quickly replaced by Shin doing the flip again, completely naked. Kevin quickly forced it out of his mind, fearing he would turn even redder.

“You okay?” Shin asked, a bigger smile playing across his face, like he knew exactly what Kevin was thinking.

“Yeah. Sorry. It’s just… well, you caught me a off guard coming over here.”

“I didn’t think you were ever going to come over there, so I figured I’d make the first move. I can go if you want.”

Shin readjusted the pack on his shoulder, as if he were about to leave.

“No. No, that’s okay.”

“So, why don’t you come with me? You can get a front row seat.”

“Cool.” Kevin worried that he sounded overly excited again, but Shin didn’t seem to mind.

Kevin pushed himself off the rock and dropped the chem book and water bottle in his pack. Realizing his shirt was open he hastily began to button it up, suddenly feeling modest.

“You don’t have to do that,” Shin said. “It’s a good look for you.”

Kevin stopped halfway and looked at Shin. What did that mean? Was Shin into him? Had they been staring at each other the whole time?

* * *

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