Big Gay Fiction Podcast Production Assistant

We’re looking for a production assistant to work with us producing the show. Here are the tasks the production assistant would perform:

  • Edit podcasts interviews using Descript (we’ll teach you how to use Descript, trust us… it’s easy).
  • Proof the transcripts Descript generates.
  • List the URLs for all the books, movies, etc. that are mentioned in the interviews.

Each episode’s interviews are between 30 and 60 minutes long and require editing to ensure the conversation flows well. The interviews also have a transcript that is published to the site along with links to everything mentioned. We’re also working through our back catalog of episodes to make sure all interviews have a transcript. Typically we’ll need the interview edited, transcribed and returned within 4 days.

This is a paid position.

If you think you’re right for this job, or want to know more, send an email to with the subject “BGFP PA” and Jeff will be in touch to talk to you about it.