Being A Guest on the Big Gay Fiction Podcast

Here are the basics about being a guest on the Big Gay Fiction Podcast.


  • Interviews need to be recorded at least a week in advance of the scheduled air date.
  • We schedule interviews using Acuity Scheduling, which allows you to see all of our available dates/times. You can customize your timezone on the form so you won’t have to think about conversions. You’ll receive confirmation and reminder emails automatically.
  • We’re happy to schedule your appearance around a book release or other event (provided the date you want is open). Otherwise, we can schedule simply based on your interview date.
  • Don’t worry if something urgent comes up on your interview day. If you need to reschedule, just let us know.
  • We do everything possible to minimize having to reschedule because something happens on our side. We’ll let you know as far in advance as possible if that happens.

Audio only or Video?

  • We record using Skype or Zoom for its sound and video quality.
    • If needed, we can call you on your phone, but we’ll be on Skype on our side.
  • We love to record video but only if you’re comfortable with it. Video is 100% optional. If we don’t do video, we’ll run a book cover or appropriate graphic on the video feed.
    • When you schedule your appearance, you’ll see a box that asks if we’ll be recording video. (You can always change your mind, but this lets us know what to set up for on our side.)
  • If you have a relatively new (within last five years) laptop and a good wi-fi connection, you should be good to go with Skype. If you need tech help, just check the box on the scheduling form and we’ll be in touch to help sort it out.

The Interview:

  • At least a day before the interview, we’ll send you a list of questions that we’ve planned. We can add/remove any that you’d like. And, of course, there’ll be tangents and followups that come up in conversation, but you’ll have the basic rundown.
  • When we’re ready to record, we’ll start with a 3, 2, 1 count down, you’ll be welcomed and then we’ll dive in on the questions.
  • If anything goes wrong, or you feel we need to pause, we can. That’s what editing is for! (And take heart, we’re editing our own mistakes a lot.)
  • After most interviews, after we say goodbye, we’ll ask a set of questions for our Big Gay Author Podcast audience.

That’s all! And if you’ve got any questions, just ask. We’re happy to help… and even more happy you’re going to join us on the show.