The guys kick off the show congratulating Will’s sister Jessica. Her young adult novel Awash in Talent was selected for publication by Kindle Press as part of the Kindle Scout program. They move on to reality TV saying how disappointing the upcoming seasons of Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance sound. But they are loving The Voice and call out performances they’ve enjoyed during the blind auditions. Jeff’s A Sound Beginning became available wide this week and he talks about some of the early reviews, as well as his interview with Divine Magazine. Next up, they give a shout out to the gay romance authors who are finalists in the 28th Annual Lambda Literary Awards (their books are linked in this week’s shownotes). Sitcom The Real O’Neals from ABC is also a must-watch show.

After the previous episode’s Question of the Week is discussed, Jeff & Will talk about their trip to the Dreamspinner Author Conference and introduce the seventeen interviews they did at the conference. To wrap up the show, the new Question of the Week is revealed: “Do you listen to audiobooks? Why or Why Not? And if so, what’s a recent favorite?”

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[h2]Show Notes[/h2]
Here are the things we talk about in this episode:

[h2]Question of the Week Episode 22 Responses:[/h2]
While listeners can leave comments on the website each week, answers come in from various other platforms as well (and we can only read a few answers on the show). Here are all the responses we got to the question “Which character archetypes are you just done with?” Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer.

  • Gillian: Archetypes I am done with: Controlling or pushy Love Interests. The whole ‘I will tell you exactly what to do and I will be inexplicably right, because that is sexy even though in real life I would be a domestic abuse red flag’ is … iffy at best, problematic at worst. And unlike ‘billionaires’ or ‘hockey players’ or ‘shifters,’ this archetype can show up anywhere!
    I think that maybe we notice the things we don’t like more and have a mental image of them as being more popular then they are. I remember someone in a previous podcast saying ‘vampires are everywhere and I’m just not a fan’ — uh, point me to the vampires please! I have such a hard time finding any! Whereas despite knowing nothing about about sport I am constantly stumbling over sport themed romances.
  • Nancy: Forget angsty teenagers who can’t get out of their own heads. This is not teenagers in general but just authors who spend pages in the character’s head going over and over the same thing.
  • AnnMarie: I don’t read a lot of historical fiction because I generally don’t like the repressed, upper class English lord character.