Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned any writing projects. The reason for that is that life has gotten in the way in one form or another since early June. I didn’t write in June primarily because of a back injury. It hurt really bad, but after two doctor visits and a series of x-rays, the pain went away as mysteriously as it arrived. Also, TCM had it’s Gay Images In Film festival. Being the amateur film scholar that I am, I had every intention of watching every movie in the festival. I soon realized that 12 to 16 hours of programing a week was just too much for any normal human to handle. I watched some of it and sped through most of it (thank God for DVR). The first week in July I got a nasty head cold. Being sick in the summer just plain sucks and writing was the last thing I felt like doing. At the end of the month I was also called upon to perform my civic duty i.e. jury duty. I just finished up a weeks worth of jury service. The trial was at times mind-numbingly dull, at others mildly interesting. But in the end I feel pretty good about the process and our verdict. With all that behind me I’m truly looking forward to getting some creative stuff done. I recently updated my home office with some new furniture/bookcases and can’t wait to get to work in my plush new diggs!